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Barbour wax coat

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With a classic Barbour wax coat, almost the first choice for all the fans. Classic is the need for years to hone, modern people is hard to imagine a garment can experience a hundred years, and it's design and the process is basically unchanged. The classic Barbour wax coat, is a typical representative of the British clothing and rural way of life. Its high quality, practical and wear resistance, so that it can be against all kinds of extreme weather, as a required equipment for outdoor activities. Today, Barbour wax coat has not only limited to the wearing of hunting, fishing, camping in, in London, New York's CBD, we see more, wear a suit of elite, also have the outer wear a Barbour wax coat as the most taste way of dressing.

How to become consumers in the suits, casual wear outside the "t

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This comes from a China local sports brand top. He said the "Daily" this is Nike curiosity strong points. And to do this point obviously can not rely on distributors.

Nike in late 2014 with two Nike Women experience store, one located in Shanghai. "Curiosity daily" once asked Nike vice president, general manager of Stefan Nike+ Olander in the future of retail experience may be how to upgrade, his answer is "before you step into the shop, experience began". It appears from the present experience, Nike ability, but has yet to fully realize this point.

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